Monday, April 4, 2011

geriatric roller

by (popular?) demand, i am officially returned from my conference vaycay and blogging hiatus.

more on conference later.

i, for one, am just glad i made it home given the snow (YES SNOW IN APRIL) and pandemonium of sunroofs appearing in planes and such. i somehow managed to squeak in and out of the friendly skies unscathed and (mostly) undelayed.

but this post isn't about planes. it's about roller skates.

whilst in the utah-land, a couple of my besties and i decided to hit up a roller rink. we thought we were pretty hip, until i noticed all the ominous warning signs:

excuse me? oh but yes ... apparently, individuals over the age of 21 are not encouraged to patronize the roller rink because "risk of accident and/or serious injury increases substantially with age."


another sign strongly encouraged us elderly citizens to pick up some free protective gear.

let me grab my blinking emergency necklace while i'm at it, roller rink. (no offense to any of my older readers...all things in their due time...)

in any case.
enjoy the following pictures, and rest easy in the knowledge that we all left that place with our hips and potentially osteoporitic bones fully intact.

 (note my photo invasion in the background)

(this little girl tried so valiantly not to skate thru our picture. her backbend technique alllllmost worked.)

this outing only further solidified my devotion to this little dream of mine.


The Ballard Family said...

ahahahaha that little girl. That was just now the best part of my day.
...that I can remember.
All things start to merge into a blur after the kids go to bed.
But that little girl is definitely right up there with James' declaration, during FHE, that he would like to set a goal to be like Batman by wearing his Batman shirt always.
(and that, as a side note, if I ever wanted to hug Batman I could just hug him while he is wearing his shirt. I am glad he told me that. We have all wanted to hug Batman, haven't we?)
I laughed through all these pictures. What a fun time!

Kristin said...

bahahaha that last picture. o man. :)

Katie said...

I am so happy :)

Nichole said...

My little sister Loni works at Classic. You probably saw her!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I wish I would have been there. I freakin' love that place. Sad I missed you. Phil and I are planning a trip to that school in Glendale in May/June/July. I will tell you when and we should maybe meet up.