Wednesday, July 11, 2012

concert review: blind pilot

ok seriously...

have you heard of blind pilot?
they are one of my top favorites.
and i demand you all see them.

i seen me a whole lotta concerts,
and i feel safe saying this is one of the best i've ever been to.

i'll give you some reasons so you can trust me and stuff...

1. the way the crowd moved during "we are the tide."

2. the lead singer was delicious, for reasons besides his sultry voice.
reasons that may include a plaid shirt, great teeth and a beard.

oh hey Israel heyyy...

3. what the female vocalist?
they gave her a solo song and hot hooverdam, girl can sing!
i would like more of her, yesplease.

4. hearing "new york" live.
this is one of my favorite songs, ever.
i was one big goosebump for the entire thing.

5. the "3 rounds and a sound" encore,
when they came down in the audience and played w/o mics and amps.
probably one of the better moments of my musical life.

6. shout-out to the crescent ballroom,
i was thoroughly impressed by the venue!

anyone out there seen them live?
your favorites?

i'm at work today with fuzzy hair, bleary eyes and a happy heart.
concert hangover, yo.

could you keep me in the pulses,

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Alyx said...

I've never heard of them... but apparently I need to!! :)