Tuesday, July 17, 2012

writing: first in love ▲

he told me i was beautiful,
and i didn't believe him.
"that's what boyfriends say."
and i hadn't had a lot of those.

i'd been cute, a few times.
i'd been pretty, once or twice.
i'd been awkward and gangly, most times.

but he said beautiful.

and i knew he was wrong.
i knew it.
no makeup, i said.
in this baseball hat?
this tshirt is two decades old.

but he said it again.

and with his calloused fingers on my arms,
and his face a few inches from mine,
and the reflection of my own dark eyes in his blue ones,
for the first time,
i thought he might be right.


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Harley & Jane


Unknown said...

This is cute!

Jane said...

I really really love this. It's so lyrical.

And don't they say a tshirt is the cutest?


Annie Citrine said...

Uhm. Love.

Katie said...

Yes yes yes. Win. And whoever (whomever?) this blue-eyed, calloused-fingered man was, he was right.

Elisabeth Gee said...

I love love :)

Unknown said...

You're such a stellar writer. Seriously.

Sarai and Nancy said...

that was so wonderfully written! I know how it feels when someone makes you feel beautiful :)

Sophie said...

Hi! Just browsing through your blog. This was so sweet. Lovely writing, I let out a big 'aw!'

jimmylou said...

beautiful! i love this :)

The Ballard Family said...

So well written. And sigh-inducing.