Thursday, July 5, 2012

we're still rebuilding.

my 4th of july was just lovely.
food. swimming. friends. family. sparkled fingernails. more food.

the rainy AZ weather was perfection,
especially since it cleared up just in time for fireworks...
...which i watched from the top of squaw peak,
under a gorgeous full moon,
with a banana popsicle melting down my arm.
my little heart was all swollen with summer and contentment.

from up there,
it looked like the entire valley was erupting in little explosions of joy.

and after visiting the sept. 11 memorial in NYC this year,
i felt a renewed sense of patriotism and gratitude.

all politics aside,
we are lucky to live in this country.
lest we forget.


oh beautiful for spacious skies,


Katie said...

We are so lucky to live here! No joke. I'm glad you had a good fourth :) I thought of you because I know how much you like this holiday. Good job with the banana popsicle :)

Emily said...

The real question is, what did 4th of july goodness you bake??

katilda said...

ohhh my gosh. i completely forgot to blog about my baking endeavor, but it totally involved a pinterest recipe attempt gone terribly wrong! nothing was *succesfully* baked this year! haha