Friday, July 20, 2012

it's never too late...

remember how i started violin lessons this week?

after 8 years of almost-daily playing,
followed by a 9-year hiatus,
it was the strangest feeling of deja vu, i tell you what.

swinging my violin case in my hand.
casually propping my feet up on the case under my desk at work.
hearing the click of the metal snaps on the case.
the familiar weight of the instrument in the crook of my palm.
inhaling the sweet smell of rosin and wood glue.
knowing instinctively exactly how many twists would tighten the bow.
the way my wrist settled without argument into its proper position,
and my back and shoulders straightened without reminding.

turns out something inside me still remembers this very, very well.

and there were some hard parts...
like when my brain knew the notes,
but my fingertips would miss them by just a bit.
or take too long to get there.
come on fingers, you know this!

and remember my lovely teacher, czech marie?
she says great things, such as...
"vee vill get you back on zee horrrse"
and, when i make mistakes,
"ees ok, vee all do it!"

i asked you guys before what talents you might be burying.
you know, all those "somedays."

i guess my next question is...
...what are you waiting for?

take it from someone who knows,

katie is a freelance blogger for Udall, Shumway & Lyons


karajean said...

You work at Udall Shumway?! Small world... I work right across the street at jackson white.

Elisabeth Gee said...

You rock.

katilda said...

Haha udall is a client i market for...but funny enough so is JW!!