Tuesday, July 24, 2012

up, up, up & away

if you're not my friend on the ol' instagramcracker...
then you may have missed this gem:

i was headed straight to pluto, i was.

be my instafriend and stuff?
...let's go with the term instamigo.
find me: katilda_grams

tut tut looks like rain,


Megan said...

love that picture! it's so cute!

and yes i'm so excited for Arizona sunsets again. they are gorgeous! can't wait to move closer :)

Elisabeth Gee said...

This is cute. :) AND to get the follow me buttons, you can ask Shaylee Ann. :) She's the one that did mine. She blogs over at mother {at} heart. :) her e-mail is shaylee.motheratheart@gmail.com. :) Other than that, I have no clue how to do it. I'm SO computer illiterate. :) ha

Unknown said...

Instamigo. That needs to be a thing.
Also, yes. Shaylee is the bomb. Also, they're actually really easy. I can teach you if you want.