Wednesday, July 18, 2012

restaurant review: nourish

the truth is,
i love me some healthy foods.

and after an experimental bout with a gluten-free diet last year,
and an ongoing mysterious quest to find foods that my tummy agrees with,
i have some serious empathy for people with dietary restrictions.

if you're one of those people,
and you're in the scottsdale area,
you must check out nourish!

the entire place caters to people with dietary restrictions,
the prices are totally decent,
and besides all that...
the food is G-double-oh-D!
...aka muy delicioso.

and from a marketing & design standpoint,
i was totally crushing on their color-coded menu,
as well as the large amounts of green in the restaurant decor.

not to mention,
they're located in the middle of a garden oasis,
i kid you not.

our server told us the sweet potato fries were their feature item.
and good grief, i can see why!

but what i'm really obsessed with?
the sweet potato and avocado salad.
oh. my. drool.

so pretty much...
i. highly. recommend. this. place.

i must go back, so if you need a friend to take you there...
just sayin.

nom nom nom,

all images via the nourish website.


The Ballard Family said...

Ahahaha nom nom nom. I love it. I propose we go. we should establish the date exactly in between our birthdays and go as celebration. :-)

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Yep, going here for sure! Thanks for the rec!