Monday, July 30, 2012


have you kiddos been watching the olympics?

please say yes!

here's some of my rambling thoughts, in relation to...

...the opening ceremonies.
let's be honest, they were a little weird.
but my roommate did make this uh-mazing pie:

...the NBC announcers.
these guys weren't big on personal space, eh?
is it just me?

...michael phelps.
i love him, always forever.
gold medals or no gold medals.
and i've got a wheaties box from 04 to prove my love:

...ryan lochte.
i'm just not sure about this kid.
he seems a bit stuck on himself.
but maybe i am just biased?


what are the u.s. women doing with their hair?
that half-ponytail, half-bun loop thing?
i mean, i've been there.
...on sloppy days.
you're competing in the olympics!
on worldwide television!
seriously, slap some tidy braids on those heads.


these are all my thoughts for now.

da DA da da da DA da,


Kylie said...

I was thinking the same thing about her hair! Like really, she didn't have time or something? Even a neater bun would be completely acceptable.

Harley said...

i could not agree with you mom about the braids thing.

Harley said...

also those social media buttons... we just got them from the chick that did our blog redesign...

i think I could possibly help you make some if that is your desire. I have been designing some stuff in good old photo shop. It would have to be in a couple weeks but if you are willing to wait i can help!