Tuesday, September 18, 2012

100 followers & a discount code

happy 100 followers of my blog day to me!

good job and thank you to all you lovely readers.

now let's make it an even 200, shall we?

also, the facebook page ain't doing too shabby with 140 fans.

and, here's some other good news:

well, they're offering 10% off to katilda.com readers!


just use the code Katilda at checkout.
their stuff is dirt cheap anyway, but the code certainly doesn't hurt.

it is a day of celebration!
mayhaps i'll go eat more BBQ chips,
from the bag as big as my torso:

if i live to be 100,


Unknown said...

Congrats, Katie!! Way to be just. awesome. X)

Unknown said...

Do I see a BBQ potato chips halloween costume in your future?

Unknown said...

Oh, plus also, congrats. That was the main point of me commenting, but I got distracted.

JacPfef said...

I think you should create a giveaway with that bag of chips as the prize. I'd totally enter.

katilda said...

haha i think that is an amazing idea! i should just do giveaways on my blog for random crap that people can buy themselves...see if anyone actually jumps on it. so funny.

katilda said...

all that sucker needs is some arm holes and i am ready to party!