Thursday, September 27, 2012

the dangers of curbs & egg rolls

before i even start this post,
my true and honest feelings toward my body this week:



remember how i'm training for a marathon?
well things were going just dand-a-landy, they were indeed...

but then...

is it an epic story?

i fell off a curb.
while walking.
and rolled my ankle in a big way.

and then,
i totally scratched the inside of my throat last night.
on an egg roll.
i've never been so keenly aware of peristalsis.

the ol' bod can't catch a break this week, eh?

but don't worry,
i made it all better with an asian manicure indulgence yesterday:

and how can i be melancholy with sparkles on my fingers?

hobblity hobble (sparkle) hobbleson,

freelancing for Transform You AZ.


Allison said...

Haha I totally sympathize with your curb-tripping ways. I nearly rolled my ankle this week while walking on a completely flat surface. Awesome.

Heal quickly!

Tyson J Oliver said...

No one appreciates a "David after Dentist" still like you do.