Monday, September 24, 2012

would YOU live in a tiny house?

this appeared in my facebook feed the other day:

you guys, i shouldn't be allowed to read such things.

because now i want to live in a tiny house.

it's like this little simple-yearning hippie inside me started frolicking around and writing poetry about the oppression of the city and piles of junk i don't even use, and that inner hippie said, "Yes! Yes! Tiny House! Let's order Tiny House T-shirts! In organic cotton!" she is quite vocal, that inner hippie.

and now you have to read the article!

would YOU live in a tiny house?

if i didn't have such a hefty book collection and copious amounts of thrifted threads this might be more feasible for me.

...maybe i could get a two-story tiny house to fit my library?


Jacqueline said...

Yes I would! Well, maybe when my kids are grown. (It's ridiculous how much space those two tiny people take up.) But I've always loved this idea! In fact, before our children came along, my husband and I seriously considered turning one of those cute two level storage sheds you see at Lowes or Home Depot into a tiny house.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I have always fantasied about this. Picture having no stuff ever to clean up? It would be so liberating and amazing and we could go on walks all the time and have picnics and now my inner hippie is coming out! BOO STUFF, JUST WEIGHS US DOWN!

Gretchen said...

I have an unhealthy obsession with tiny homes as evidenced here:
I can't wait for a future living in 200 square feet. It helps keep things simple, and in perspective.

Unknown said...

I'm about to blow your mind. This one IS bigger, but it's also completely brilliant. BRILLIANT, I tell you. I'm obsessed.

katilda said...

I support you! This two-level thing would solve my problem of where to keep my books. haha

katilda said...


katilda said...

sooo so great! keep on obsessing!

katilda said...

maybe we should all just live in trees...?

Mandy Ballard said...

Katie. The first thing I thought as I started reading this was, "Katie could never do it because she would never give up her books." Hahahaha