Tuesday, September 25, 2012

natural light vs. electricity

in my office, we never turn on the lights.

you see, we have this perfectly lovely window. it's an ingenious invention, if you haven't heard of one. it's like a magical portal to free, healthy lighting.

consulting a map by my hostel window in portland

when people flip the dreaded light switch, causing me to be bathed in a sea of yellow haze and deathly hallows, it's like a wicked witch of the west scene up in here.

you know, the shrieking and melting. not the parts about being green. and nobody takes my broom. and i actually don't have a flying monkey to my name. but maybe i should get one?


the point is, i detest electric lighting. i put off using it as long as possible every day, i.e. it must be pitch black before i even consider it. there are few things i loathe more than when i'm reading a book in a perfectly sunlit room and someone walks in and flips on the dreaded yellow lights.


*cue the melting*
*and jaundice*

do you have feelings on this? or am i the only one who will list light bulbs as a pet peeve?

sorry, thomas edison. it's nothing personal. vitamin D for the win. 


Harley said...

i fell the same wayyyyyyyyy. when winter comes around and it gets dark at 5pm i get extremely sad.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

I'm from Portland. I think you know my feeling on this. hahaha
Hope all is well.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Anonymous said...

I can't open the windows in my house due to a fear of people in my lovely neighborhood seeing what's inside and wanting it for themselves, so I have to use fake lighting more often than not. Sunlight would definitely be preferred.

Kerry said...

my goodness, we really are alike. full agreement here. when people don't let natural light in, i get really confused.. that's what the sun is for! actually, i love light so much that i opted to move into my living room in my apartment just to have two huge windows (vs my bedroom which gets a sliver of natural light). which means i traded a door for windows.. haha oh my.