Wednesday, September 19, 2012

18 thrilling details about my life

in the spirit of being a real human being,
here are 18 real-human-being details of my life this week:

1. work is busy
2. i want to live in europe for about a year or something
3. i started a travel board on pinterest
4. i found a rubber snake in the produce section
5. i think the deli man put it there
6. he had the crazy eyes
7. the deli man, not the snake
8. admittedly, they both had the crazy eyes
9. i think i need to eat more iron? how do you tell?
10. i'm in a running funk but training must go on
11. i bought three little pumpkins
12. i am ready to welcome autumn with open arms
13. i finally bought real groceries yesterday
14. it'd been a looong time
15. i ate chocolate cake for first dinner yesterday
16. i ate second dinner later, don't worry
17. i honestly don't even like chocolate cake very much
18. the following picture speaks to me:

tell me some things about your life, maybe?

there's a snake in my boots,


Jacqueline said...

i am with you on the wanting to live in europe for a year thing. it's starting to look more and more unlikely as each baby comes along, but i still dream! i love pinning travel inspiration. if you can't do something, the next best thing is to live vicariously through those who can (or at least, their pictures!) ;) if it makes you feel better i ate ice cream for first lunch today and didn't even have a second lunch to make up for it. Xx

Jael said...

I eat ice cream for dinner at least once a week.

Chantel said...

I LOVE THE GOLDEN GIRLS!! That made me so happy. Also, love that you've been bitten by the travel bug. I know the feeling. And hilarious that you found a rubber snake at the store. And... sometimes I eat cookies for dinner. :)

Emma Frances said...

This post cracks me up! The deli man with the crazy eyes sounds a little creepy! And I love that you use the phrases first and second dinner. I totally did that while I was pregnant with all my meals since you're supposed to eat more. I ate first and second breakfast, first and second lunch, and first and second dinner! It was the best!