Thursday, September 13, 2012 Claire shirt review

hey howdy hey!
welcome to my very first a-clothing-company-sent-me-something-in-the-mail-so-i-could-wear-it-and-talk-about-it-on-my-blog-and-that's-really-really-cool blog post!

heard of
it's a new clothing site with a unique business model:
all items are $15 or less
all clothing is modest
new items are posted daily, and stay for 24 hrs or until sold

for my review, i selected the Claire top:

and here's a crappy fuzzy photo of me wearing it:

ruffled collared shirt underneath from target, denim skirt from goodwill,
shoes from payless & belt from who-knows-where.

what i like most:
the floral print & bold colors
the ruching on the sides makes it good for tucking in
the zipper at the neckline

what i like less:
it could be because i have a significantly small shoulders/chestal region,
but the neckline was too wide and gappy on me.
but, i like the layered collar look so it works out!
and yes, i used the word "chestal."

and guess what?
i'll be hosting a modestpop giveaway verrrry soon!

go stalk their site in the meantime & stay tuned :)

modestpop sounds like soda pop,

click here to learn why modest clothing is important to me.


Jacqueline said...

very pretty!

Katie said...

YOU ARE FAMOUS! And the shirt is lovely :) I love that everything is under $15! AMAZING!

Chantal said...

I love the print and colors!

M.Hilton said...

hey that looks great! I wasn't too excited about the shirt on its own but I LOVE how you styled it and am now really digging the shirt! I need to get more creative and interesting in styling my clothes... great post