Friday, September 21, 2012

my new writing website!

pssst. look over in my sidebar. 
there's something new.
hire my writing?
yes, it's true...

i made a goal at work this quarter:
make myself a professional writing website

so after a few dozen hours,
microsoft painting because i don't know photoshop,
and tedious blogger HTML battling...

katie writes is born!

meet my new baby:

she weighs a healthy 8lbs, 6oz
has a naturally nice temperament
and i think she has her mother's eyes

see a list of some of my published work.
send me a message in my fancy contact form.
read my first writing-themed blog post on there.
and let me know what you think!

i'm a right proud mama.
right proud!

pretending to be a web designer,


Ryan and Crystalee said...

We both had writing site "babies" recently. That was the best analogy I could make for when I shared this summer. After all the hard work, if felt great (and a bit nerve-racking) to share it with the world. Glad I've gotten to meet you through the process!

Ryan and Crystalee said...

And your site looks great, by the way! Best wishes on it, friend! I'll add the link to your Q & A on my site. :)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I just read your grad school article.

As a teacher, I don't technically need a grad degree. However, since we don't have any school debt and we both had majors that translated directly to careers I would like to get one since I can do it without going in any debt.

Gotta love penny pinching though! I definitely went through some weird food phases in college too. Halfway through the first year of our marriage I absolutely could not stomach ramen noodles anymore.

Emily said...

Web design is like, reallyreallyhard. So props on navigating all of that!! And how exciting to have your own site!! You have such a spunky writing style and I love it!

PS Not to brag or anything, but photoshop is totes my friend so if you do ever want to learn it, I would love to offer support. Both literally and emotionally. ;)