Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Ways to Give Back for Christmas

in honor of giving tuesday, i would like to present...

Heifer International
How it works: You donate funds here to buy livestock for families in other countries.
A few years ago for Christmas, I made donations in behalf of my family members, printed up the certificates and framed them to wrap under the tree.

Salvation Army Angel Trees
How it works: You take a tag off a tree a at the mall and buy a Christmas gift for someone in need.
Some of the best gifts I've received are when someone took a tag off a tree, shopped for the person in my behalf, wrote the items on the back of the tag and gave it to me for Christmas. I keep those tags in a special place.

Print Aid New York
How it works: You buy a pretty poster here and the funds go toward Hurricane Sandy relief.

The Shine Project
How it works: You buy super cute jewelry and other goods here and the money goes toward scholarship funds for at-risk youth.
I recently met Ashley, the brains behind this amazing organization, at a blogger party. She has a big heart and I love her for that.

Make-A-Wish Believe Campaign
How it works: You write a letter to Santa and drop it off in the red mailbox at your local Macy's store. For every letter received, Macy's donates $1 to Make-A-Wish. Learn more here.
As a personal plug, I used to work at Make-A-Wish. The wishes mean everything to these children, and the Believe Campaign generates about $1 million every year. Go here if you want to read wish stories.

Barnes & Noble Book Drive
How it works: When you purchase a book at your local B&N, tell your cashier you want to donate a book to the holiday book drive. You get to pick a book off a shelf, add it to your purchase and BAM...someone's getting something good to read.

American Red Cross
How it works: You can make a donation here to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Ryker Bracelet
How it works: You buy a lovely gold heart bracelet and the money goes toward helping Ryker, a little boy with a heart condition. Follow his story here.
P.S. I love my bracelet so much.

International Rescue Committee
How it works: You donate here toward food, healthcare, education, etc. for a refugee family in need.
I had the chance to deliver Christmas gifts to several of some of these families in Phoenix a couple years ago and it was an amazing experience.

Chrissy's Random Acts of Kindness
How it works: You follow the example of this amazing gal and do things like tape dollars bills to vending machines with little notes that say things like, "Happy Christmas! Buy yourself a nice treat."
She also dropped off knitted hats and other treasures at a local hospital on Thanskgiving. Love this girl. Her Thanksgiving adventures seriously warmed my heart.

happy christmas,


Ashley said...

Thank you so much for including me!!! xoxoxo ashley from the shine project

chrissyblake said...

Shut UP! :) This just absolutely made my day. I just love you to pieces and am so flattered to be included amoungst such wonderful causes and people. You rock!
Chrissy :)

Kerry said...

Aww I love this!! I'm excited to click through your links! Such a giving heart :)

Chantel said...

THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS POST!!!! I'm so grateful for you kind heart to put this together. I am definitely going to go through it and find ways to contribute and make this Christmas better for someone. Thank you so much.

Rebecca said...

I love this. So important to serve others especially during the holidays. Thanks for compiling these!