Saturday, November 24, 2012

if i could start a small business...

so, today is small business saturday.
you can read more about that here.

you know, i've always wanted to start a small business.
but there's always that nasty little problem of financing such dreams.


but if i could pick just one thing and run with it?
i would open a nook.
you know, a coffee shop type place. 

essential elements of my nook:
  • mismatched furniture
  • many, many books to peruse
  • scholarly bearded people, laughing jovially
  • signs that instruct people to laugh jovially or not at all
  • little tables with handmade goods for sale from other dreamers
  • yoga in the mornings, even if my body isn't very stretchy and i just have to watch
  • is it creepy to watch other people do yoga?
  • probably.
  • local musicians performing at night
  • my meggles could sell cupcakes, because she's good at those
  • it would always smell like pumpkin spice candles, always always

yes, i even have a killer name picked out for my nook.
but i can't tell you, because what if you are an angry troll and you want to steal my idea?
harry potter taught me a lot about angry trolls.

what kind of small business would YOU open?


wallowing in nook dreamland again,


chrissyblake said...

I would be there every day. That sounds like heaven on earth :)

Unknown said...

I would come to your nook always. You would probably have to shoo me because of my addiction to pumpkin spice candle smell.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

This sounds so perfect.
Exactly the kind of place I would open too.

Kerry said...

oohh this sounds delightful. fingers crossed for it to happen someday! i've inadvertently started my own small business that involves caring for pups while their parents are at work or away or whatever. i've got my entire business plan set out (read: awesome logo design ideas haha) but still haven't pulled the plug to say that i'm doing it. in the meantime, playing with puppies is one heck of a way to make money. xo

Jacqueline said...

sounds dreamy. let me know when you open it and i'll come visit! :)

Chantel said...

oh yeah yeah yeah! I totally see this fitting right in to your style! I would come and visit! It sounds so cozy.