Monday, November 5, 2012

the necessity of slowing down

ever feel like you're trying your hardest but your end goal just gets farther and farther away?

as you probably know, i'm training for a marathon these days.
and let me tell you, the injuries and setbacks have not been kind.
rolled ankle? random back injuries? car getting towed?
spending the afternoon in the bowels of the MVD when you should have been working and therefore having to work when you should have been running?

when your life is all scheduled into jam-packed little time slots, something like getting your car towed when you planned to be running can really throw you for a loop.

the point is, i got frustrated.
and 26.2 miles is a reeeeaaally. long. way. to run.

realization: i needed to slow it down.

when you're trying to run 26.2 miles, 
don't be so worried about how fast you do it.
because even if you slow it way down in hopes that injuries will stay at bay,
even if you think you should be faster,
the point is,
either way,
you're still right on schedule,
and you're still going to run 26.2 miles.

yes, there's a deep life analogy mixed in there somewhere.
apply liberally every 4-6 hours or as needed.

are you also in need of a little slowing down?

slow down you crazy child,


Rolled Up Pretty said...

I'm in need of slowing down!!! :)

Kerry said...

love it. i firmly believe little setbacks (or big setbacks) along the way are God and the Universe telling us to slow it down. i've watched as friends didn't heed these warnings and wound up in serious car accidents or in situations where they literally had no choice but to take down time to recuperate. good for you for listening, xo

Chantel said...

I am most definitely in need of slowing down. I really liked this post. Thank you!