Wednesday, November 21, 2012

stuff i wrote in my 2nd grade yearbook.

this week i've been cleaning out the closet in my old room at my parents' house.
and oh, the treasures i've found!

i will be sharing more of my discoveries from my childhood,
but today we're going to focus on my 2nd grade yearbook.

oh look, there i am in all my 7-year-old glory...

apparently i had a thing for labeling people...

and i obviously wasn't too fond of 3rd graders...

and, my favorite of all, is when i labeled this young fella as cute but apparently later changed my mind and thought some stealthy editing could cover that up...

"cute to most but ick to me"
i have since learned that i should have used the same color pen i started with.

i'm pretty sure this boy must have deeply wronged me somehow to cause such drastic measures.
he probably didn't pick me to be on his kickball team.
i take these matters seriously.

stay tuned for heartfelt written excerpts from my childhood journals.
they will not disappoint.


Katie said...

bahaha i just love that. and i have been cleaning out my old closet at my parents' house too! so many special treasures.

Chantel said...

HAHAHAHA!! Oh my gosh, I love this so much! I laughed throughout the whole thing. You were a brilliant child. And brilliant adult too. And super tan! And that boy is ick to me too :)

Jacqueline said...

LOL! i love this stuff. looking through old stuff like this is simultaneously horrifying and hilarious to me. thanks for sharing!

Tyler and Ariana said...

This is totally unrelated to this post. Sorry? But I had to share since you love rocking old ladies (me too!). -This is a Ben Kweller song and the lady dancing is actually his grandma. She's totally my hero.

Your blog never ceases to make me happy. Thank you for being you!