Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 facts about my sleeping habits

I think you can tell a lot about people by examining the way they sleep. 

Or maybe not, but it's still interesting to do some examining. I mean, if there's one thing people are particular about, it's their sleep. I once had a roommate who couldn't sleep without a special little blanket draped over her face. Humans are a curious bunch of creatures!

Here are 10 facts about my sleeping habits:

1. The room must be cold for me to sleep properly. Cold room, big blankets. Fan on, air moving. Perfect.

2. I always start sleeping on my right side but wake up on my back. Usually, one of my hands is touching my face and the other one is resting on my tummy. I cannot explain this.

3. I am obsessed with my gray jersey sheets and sleep best in gray pajamas.

4. I am in a committed relationship with my body pillow. We shnuggle every night.

5. I always set my alarm early so I can hit snooze a couple times.

6. In high school, I set my clock 30min ahead so I could wake up when the clock said 6am instead of 5:30am. Trust me, it makes a difference.

7. It is impossible for me to sleep well if anything in the room is ticking or making a rhythmic noise.

8. It's difficult for me to sleep if my hair looks or feels weird. If it's already down and curled or straightened, then it's fine. But if it's been up all day and will be crazy or fuzzy if I take it out, I usually leave it up to sleep. This is maybe the single tidiest detail of my otherwise cluttered life.

9. There is no better feeling in the world than going to sleep without an alarm set for the next morning. It evokes a level of joy inside me that almost drives me to tears and/or hysteria. I credit this to my intense dislike of being told what to do. Starting the day with a dumb little machine telling me exactly when I need to wake up? Instant grumpiness.

10. I keep three blankets on my bed: one heavy, one medium and one light. Depending on the temperature in my room, I choose a different blanket each night and push the other two to the foot of the bed. Also, I don't believe in top sheets. I find them to be tangle-prone and somewhat distressing.

OK now YOU spill. Tell me all your sleeping quirks! 
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Elisabeth Gee said...

I love this so much. You're the best :)

Liz said...

In high school I used to set my alarm clock on the weekends, just so I could wake up and turn it off and go back to sleep--like I wanted to do on the schooldays! Seriously, there is nothing better than turning off an alarm and going back to sleep unworried that you'll be late to anything.

Katie said...

I love the idea of setting your clock ahead so it doesn't feel like you're waking up as early. Mind tricks totally work for me.

Unknown said...

I'm going to blog about this. But, first I'm going to tell you half of what I'll blog about in a comment.
2. I also wake up with my hand on my belly. I've always wondered why. And, I always start with my hands up by my face.
4. I appreciate the word shnuggle.
5. Yes. Always. I set my alarm super early if I want to feel like I really let myself "sleep in".
6. In high school, I went through a stage where I constantly woke up at 3am and got ready for the day and went upstairs to wake up my dad to drive me to the bus stop. He would look at the clock and tell me we didn't need to leave for 3 hours. So, I would go un-get ready and go back to bed. After a couple weeks, I started leaving myself notes on my door: school isn't until 7:30, the bus comes at 6:30, you don't leave until after 6:00. And for some reason, my brain couldn't process that 3:00 am did not equal 6:00 am.
7. I sleep with ear plugs and an eye mask because any little noise or change in light drives me crazy or wakes me up. #sleepdiva
8. If I go to bed with my hair up, I always take it out during the night and find my hairtie on my wrist the next morning. If I go to bed with a hairtie on my wrist, I often wake up with my hair pulled up... odd.
Also, I sleep walk. And sleep talk. And if I'm really nervous about something, it's ten times worse.
the end

katilda said...

Yessss. Love love love all of this and can't wait to hear more! I also totaly forgot to include that i definitely talk in my sleep...and laugh. #notcreepy

Moonboots said...

katilda said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Clark said...

My friend downloaded "Sleep Talk Recorder" on her phone....needless to say, it's pretty great!

Unknown said...

I've been known to sleep punch. And kick. (My dad stopped letting me sleep in his bed when I was younger after I kicked him in the yoo-hoos a few too many times.)

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Dude that alarm clock idea is genius. Doin it.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Unknown said...

Sleep Talk Recorder is a thing?? Getting that app RIGHT now.

Jenna said...

Oh man, I developed some horrible sleeping needs when I was pregnant. Body pillow is now a must. I also like a cold room with blowing air and a huge, heavy, squishy blanket. My husband likes it warm but I continually remind him, "You can always add more layers for warmth, but you can only get so naked to cool down." So he sleeps with an extra blanket.

I need to room to be very dark as well. We cover all our electronics except for the alarm clock for optimal darkness.

I sleepwalk pretty badly so I really need all these things to sleep. If anything is off I'll be walking around trying to save the world in my sleep. It's awful.

Jenna said...

I used to get ready in the dead of night, too! It was stress-related for me. Thought it was time to go and didn't want to be late!

Megs said...

Totally a tummy sleeper. And I can literally sleep anywhere! I use to take naps in my car during my lunch breaks. Best idea I've ever had!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I LOVE a cold dark room with HUGE blankets as well! Add a fan? Amazeballs.

Unknown said...

Ah! When you have a just appreciate it anytime you actually get it....
Cold rooms tho: for schizz!

Priscilla said...

I have the biggest alarm snoozing problem after reading your post and thinking about my sleeping habits I decided to stop snoozing because it just makes me more tired to fall asleep for 10 minutes that I don't even need. I stopped setting my alarm clock to see if I could wake up feeling better and it's worked. My body naturally knows when it's time to get up and I get when I need to, not so early that snooze. I credit you for getting me to think of my sleeping habits.