Friday, January 18, 2013

the benefits of working from home

fact: working a creative job (see: writing all day) at a desk for 40 hours a week can be...stifling. sometimes the wiggles inside me just want to run out the door and into the sunshine!

thankfully... my boss recently gave me permission to work remotely two days per month.
{cue choirs of heavenly angels}

since only lovely adventures are sure to come from my newfound freedom to work from wherevertheheckiwant two days per month, you can expect that i'll be reporting on the places i go and the things i see! there will be coffee shops, there will be new libraries (of course), and maybe sometimes the great outdoors! like i said, wherevertheheckiwant.

my first remote working day included:
+ working the first 4 hours in my bed, in my striped pajamas
+working the other 4 hours at my kitchen table, wearing real clothing like an adult
+ lunching in my quiet living room with the sun coming in
+ ditching the headphones and freely singing along with my music
+ an impromptu 5-minute solo dance party to LFO's "Summer Girls"
+ a 4-mile afternoon run in the ever-gorgeous Arizona winter weather, with views like this:

so basically, it was excellent. i can't wait to do this twice a month.

have you ever tried working from home?
my coworker showed me this study and i'm all "yeah, fist pumps to the sky!"


Katie said...

That picture is beautiful! You're making me jealous of those beautiful AZ temps ;) That makes me so happy that you get to work from home 2 days a month. I mean, really. That is so perfectly Katie. Er, Katilda.

Chantel said...

FUN! That's so awesome that you get to work remote!! Your day sounds so peaceful and rejuvenating. Also, LFO.... HAHAHA! Yes!!! I am also going to admit that I listened to them about a month ago. LOVE! Takes me back to high school days :)

chrissyblake said...

I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch, I'd take her if I had one wish.. She's been gone since that summer, since that summer. Gahh I love that song. and you're just swell for posting that and making my day. :) I may or may not have an N'sync station on my Pandora. Ok I do. :) Have a great day lady!

karajean said...

Working from home is so hard! It is for me anyway. I don't have a specific number of hours to fill so I can basically work whenever I like. It's nice, but I also feel guilty if I am ever doing anything else. I start to experience an "I SHOULD BE WRITING PANIC." It's gotten better the more experience I get, but it's still hard to balance. Glad to know that my creative work is better done at home though!

Susannah said...

Wow! Sounds amazing! Makes me want to work from home! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Monika Ozdoba said...

So stunning!
Why don't we follow each other? :)


Unknown said...

You're so brave. I'm chicken when it comes to solo dance parties. (and also singing in the shower). I can dance and sing in front of people, but when I'm all by myself, I get all shy. Weird, right?

Also, I'm a huge fan of working from home. I mean, there is a huge advantage to getting up and out and not going stir crazy. I don't think I could work at home all the time. But, let's get real here: I'm way more productive in my PJs.

Unknown said...

Chinese food makes me sick.

Alexis said...

Sounds amazing! It is so wonderful when work gives you some flexibility!


Anonymous said...

You are seriously SO adorable!
My goodness Katilda(:

*Totally in love with your name, by the way*

I'm Mormon, just like you!
I always love finding people like me online(:

Mind taking a peek at my blog?
Feel free to publicly follow along if you like it!

I'll be taking a better look at your blog soon.

-XO Abbigayle Rashae

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,

I was wondering if you would mind going into more detail about your work and maybe doing a post on it.. Your official title, what it consists of, and what it took for you to get there.

Thanks!! It just sounds SO super interesting.
Best regards,
A blogger

Laynah said...

Psh. Wearing real clothes like an adult is over rated! Heck...sometimes pajamas are overrated :)

Katie said...

Ah! Lovely Arizona view! I just visited Florida for a couple days and I am so jealous of delightful southern weather! I'm living in Illinois most days and our highs are, oh... 9 degrees. Blegh!

I have the hardest time working at "home." I do much better in a library or some public location - where I feel strangers can hold me responsible for staying on task! Haha.

katilda said...

haha my problem with all those strangers is that i end up people-watching instead of working!

katilda said...

So basically you're saying....nudist colony? It might have its benefits, let's be honest. #nomorelaundry

katilda said...

I wish you were not so anonymous so I could visit your blog and have a longer convo about this, but I might blog about it someday!

katilda said...

So going to investigate your blog! Thanks for stopping by :)

katilda said...

Seriously, it was like CHRISTMAS.

katilda said...

I blurred your words together and imagined you doing the chicken dance for your solo dance party. I mean, I could be right, yes?

katilda said...

Definitely going to check out your blog! Thanks for visiting!

katilda said...

Sure thing! And yes...I want to work from home ALWAYS.

katilda said...

Hip Hop Marmalade Spic and Span!

katilda said...

You make a good point -- it's hard not to let the personal/business lines get all blurred when you work from home. But I just love my pajamas so much.

katilda said...

No shame! LFO is a frequent friend of mine!

katilda said...

We can swap jealousy in July, yes?

p4parttime said...

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