Monday, January 14, 2013

my pretty little plate collection ▲

when i was little, i collected trolls. you know, the little guys with gems on their bellies. my favorite was the one with blue hair and the star on his belly, but i think my friend stole him? but then i stole her house key and hid it under the dog in retaliation sooo....there's that.

these days, i've moved on from trolls to pretty little plates. i like to buy them when i travel (souvenir shops in most cities will have them) but i mostly love to thrift them! did you know you can find a whole variety of dishes at thrift stores? for verrry little moneys? uh-mazing.

i adore the idea of having a whole set of mismatched china someday. mostly because i prefer the quirk of a mismatched set, but also there's the bonus that it doesn't matter if a piece breaks.

here's a few favorites from my collection:

i can't tell you how much more exciting birthdays and dessert nights are with these little treasures on hand. paper plates? no thanks! everyone picks a fancy little dish and puts a piece of cake on it.

what do YOU collect?
my mom collects souvenir thimbles and i think it is so lovely.

sometimes i am ladylike and fancy,


Chantel said...

YEAH! I used to collect trolls too! That's hilarious, I forgot all about those. I love your little collection of plates. Collections are so fun! It's like a small little thing to get SOOO excited about :)

Unknown said...

Awesome collection! I've always wanted to do this, especially with vintage glasses and plates.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I collect cards people give me for my birthdays and after looking at our moving boxes...apparently books.