Thursday, May 17, 2012

confessions: i stole a house key

yesterday i remembered something bad i did when i was like 5 years old.

you see, i had two friends named stephanie. one was across the street, and one was in the house behind mine. once we climbed trees and one stephanie fell out of the tree and broke both her arms. she also frequently insisted on being called Barbie so i didn't get the two of them mixed up. shrug.

so, one day i got in a fight with non-Barbie stephanie. i don't remember what we fought about. i think maybe she had taken one of my trolls. anyway, blinded by my 5-year-old rage, i sought retribution by secretly grabbing a nearby house key and stuffing it in my pocket.

side detail: i mayyyy have been wearing an outfit involving matching shorts and tank top with rainbow fishes printed on it.

in any case, i then ran to the other stephanie's house to play, at which point i realized i still had the key in my pocket. and i felt guilty. or worried i'd get caught. those two emotions are blurred when you're 5 years old. SO... i hid that key at stephanie #2's house.

where did i hide it? under her sleeping dog.
...i still can't decide if that was weird or innovative.

luckily for all of us, i did not hang on to any of these klepto tendencies as i grew up. i also don't hide things under sleeping dogs anymore. though, you never know when such a tactic might come in handy.


glad to finally get that off my chest,


Annie Citrine said...

Hahahahah once when my older sister was babysitting us I got bored... So I snuck into my parents room and dialed 911 (oh no!) ... When the dispatcher answered I realized I hadn't thought it through and had nothing to say. So I whispered the first thing that popped into my head, "I want some chocolate ice cream." then hung up. I was kind of shocked when ten minutes later two cops showed up at our door, I was able to keep my cool though (my poor older sister was freaking out) and I didn't tell anyone it was me until about 10 years later. Moral of the story? Little kids are weird.

Alexis Kaye said...

hahaha i hope barbie got blamed for losing the key. total restitution for stealing a troll. ;)

Emma Frances said...

What a good confession. Haha. Memories from that time period are so funny! Your Stephanie friend sounds a little weird though. Having you call her Barbie? Haha. Hilarious! Also, do you know if they ever found the key?