Wednesday, May 30, 2012

writing: mistakes

mistakes are pencil eraser smudges.
the colored eraser seemed like a good idea.
until it turned the paper green.

mistakes are white-out.
lumpy and aromatic.
and not so hidden, when it comes down to it.
pretty obvious, really.

mistakes are an ink stain on the hem of yet another shirt when i gestured too wildly while talking on the phone.
and i really should just learn to put a lid on the pen.
or maybe put the pen down.
or maybe stop gesturing on the phone to people who can't see me.
or maybe only wear dark shirts.

mistakes are that one time i went too long without changing the oil in my car.
like, a couple years too long.

mistakes are those orange stains at the corners of my lips whenever i eat spaghetti, because i never did figure out how to eat it like a lady.

mistakes are regret.
mistakes are i'm sorry.
and what was i thinking.
and that was a bad idea.
and let's pretend it didn't happen.
and, sometimes, let's try again later.

for the record,
do me a favor.
don't call me your mistake.

i am not a bad idea.


Elisabeth Gee said...

Love this. :) I don't think you're a mistake :)

Elisabeth Gee said...

The only mistake would be you not getting Shawn Spencer's body. ;)

katilda said...

bahaha. i agree...that WOULD be a mistake!

Kylie said...

I like this a lot.

Crystalee said...

you're brilliant! Nice to meet you Katilda. I'm Crystalee, and I'm soon launching a writing blog. Would you do me the honor of writing a guest post? I love your creative voice.