Tuesday, May 8, 2012

newwww york! (and boston!)

concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh!
there's nothing you can't do!

...oh hey.

remember when i made these plans?

well, the adventure is upon us!
bright & early tomorrow morning i am headed to da east coast.
perhaps i will surprise you with a few photos whilst i am traveling!

oh look, some new shoes for the trip:

they have a stretchy heel on the back!
a stretchy heel i say!
coming from a girl who alllllways gets blisters from new shoes,
this is kindofabigdeal.

we made a paper chain counting down to our trip,
and naturally we decorated every link with something we plan to do or see.

don't even worry that i drew the naked cowboy on mine...

funny, cuz when i stopped by my parents' house to borrow a suitcase my mama's last words to me were,
  "don't dance with the naked cowboy!"

let's hear it for new yoooork (and boston),


:: ashley :: said...

have so much fun! i am jealous!!

flutefairy said...

I'm leaving to New York on Firday- I am so excited. I get to go visit my sister. I hope you have a blast ... also, if you could blog about how Newsies was sooner rather than later, that will help me decide if I want to see it. :)

katilda said...

ooh! if you shoot me an email on friday night i will be sure to let you know my thoughts asap! you can get me at katildablog{at}gmail{dot}com. Also...it has been nominated for 8 Tony Awards so I'm guessing it's fantastic....even without Christian Bale ;)

Katie said...

hahaha! YAY! I'm so excited for you!!!!