Monday, May 7, 2012

chickens, hilary duff & rogue profanity

being cinco de mayo,
this weekend i gorged myself on mexican food.
in arizona, we know how to do it right in that arena.
i even went to a roadside taco stand where i had to order in spanish.
it all went well until he asked me a question back and i had no idea what he said.
baby steps, yo.

also, if you're in phoenix, i HIGHLY recommend hitting up baja loco.
i mean, hot dang that was some excellent mexican food.
i can't stop thinking about the fish taco and red enchilada sauce.
oh, salivation.
not to be confused with "salvation."
or maybe it was both.

but to recap the rest of el weekend...

there was a fuzzy chicken...

and another skirtdress adventure...

and a few special textersational issues...

this last one came after my roommate asked me to text her my life story and i decided to mix things up...

i also tried to wave goodbye to a cute boy yesterday and it turned into me just sticking my arm awkwardly in the air for a second like unto some kind of hitler maneuver.

fish taco craving,


Katie said...

Ahahaha. Oh man. I love so much of this. Like the part about you swearing. Or the part about Hillary Duff. Or the part about you not understanding Spanish. Also you look SO pretty in both of those pictures, but I especially love the first one. Gorgeous!

:: ashley :: said...

you are hilarious :) sounds like a fun weekend and a fab way to ring in the cinco de mayo!

katilda said...

"eez just soup, man!"

Alexis Kaye said...

I like the conversations! haha! And I wish you could sew me a dress. You got talent girlfriend!