Tuesday, May 29, 2012

guest blog: Imma Hoarder?

hey kiddos!
i've got a guest blogger up in the hizzle today.
her name is elisabeth & she blogs over at imma walking fashion crime.
and, i like her.

and, turns out we both might have the same problem...
...which we are blogging about today.

so read her post below, 
then check out my own thoughts on hoarding over at her blog.


Hmm..hoarding? That's such a negative word. I like to call it storing.

I don't store just any old stuff either.
It's the good stuff.
(Okay. We all know that's a lie, but I like to think that I hoard store good stuff.)
I store letters.
Nothing else. Just letters.
The old birthday cards from grandma & grandpa. 
The thank you notes & the I love you notes.
I have them tucked away in a GIGANTIC shoe box.
(A size 17 in men's shoe box probably...)
When I moved away to go to college, my parents were astounded by my "collection" of letters. 
I've kept everything. (including some stuff that I probably shouldn't keep...oh well).

Storing is just second nature.

I think I keep the letters because they mean so much to me.

The little notes of admiration keep me going & help me realize that there are people out there that love me.

Yay for love! :)

Shout-out to the amazing katilda! She rocks! If she gave me a letter, I'd totally hoard it.

...um, trust me that i have my own box of letters.
and that i now feel really inclined to write elisabeth a letter.
so she can hoard it.
i mean savor it in a totally healthy way.

ok now go read about my own potential problems.
then confess your hoarding tendencies in the comment box below.
yep, i'm looking at you.

cleopatra in da-nile,


Katie said...

I hoard clothes! Like, clothes I haven't worn since the 7th grade but can't get rid of because I've grown unhealthily attached to them. Haha! I'm trying to get better, though...my sister-in-law says that if I get rid of some clothes, it's an excuse to buy some more...and that sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

his little lady said...

great guest post, girl! and i hoard letters too. i don't know why. i'm pretty sure i still have old boyfriend letters and i've been with the mister for quite some time. it's a problem. i guess it's just a nice little reminder that we are loved. and of all the people that have come into our lives at one point or another.
xo TJ

Elisabeth Gee said...

It's totally fine that you're married and still have love letters. :) :) Too romantic. plus I agree. :) I think letters are soo fun and whenever I get one in the mail, it makes all happy inside. :)