Friday, May 25, 2012

hostess and not the chocolate kind.

all you need to know is....
my two bestie-college-roommates are in a car right now.
driving away from utah...
...toward arizona.

i just...
i have no words to express my sheer, passionate excitement.
so what if we just lie on the floor all weekend due to our overwhelming giddiness about all being in the same place again, muttering unintelligible inside jokes and sporadically kicking our feet with spasms of joy?

i mean...
"they complete me."

which is totally a quote from some famous movie.

but like a good hostess,
i made them a welcome gift...

yeah, it's those microsoft paint skills again.
oh uncle jesse!

and now i'm going to disappear for the weekend.
much feet kicking and squealing is on the docket.

peace out, blogtown!

and to all a marvelous memorial weekend,

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