Thursday, May 24, 2012

first time frapper

so, homegirl loves her some breakfast.
and homegirl loves her a good morning beverage.
also, homegirl doesn't drink coffee.

and by homegirl i
and by coffee i mean...yeah, i mean coffee.

so this morning i decided i needed to visit the ol' starbucksy for some kind of liquid deliciousness.
now, my roommate swears by non-coffee frappuccinos.
also, that is a hard word to spell.

the point is.
i had me one of the caramel variety this morning.
like unto this:


my thoughts?
well, it was like a vanilla-caramel milkshake, with delightful chunks of ice.
am i crazy bout it?
i could do with more flavor.

plus, i missed the healthy feeling of my usual favorite splurge:


...nom nom nom.

what about you kiddos?
favorite morning beverage?

back to my oatmeal,

yes that's an updated blog header.
as per usual, i made it me-self in microsoft paint.
can't touch this, da da da da...

1 comment:

Myke said...

Odwalla Pomagrand (pomegranate limeade) is my go-to beverage come breakfast time.