Monday, May 21, 2012

garage saling & home improving

apparently spell check thinks "saling" is not a verb.

but if i went around spelling it like garage "sailing," that would be a different visual entirely.
probably a visual like unto this one...

moving on.

i hit up miss lauren's garage sale on saturday morning with the meggles and scored the following uber-sexy-black-lace-dress for 5 smackers...

i also obtained a sweet picture frame, which you get to see when i post pics of my newly decorated bedroom wall,
and i got two shirts!
will post pics when i wear them.

go lauren's garage sale go!

also, the following mayyy have happened at 7:30am...

nom nom nom

i then spent the rest of my saturday home improving.

like this guy...

nom nom nom (appropriate reaction again)

i refinished four chairs, which you get to see sooooon,
and i sewed the following throw pillow...

which, btw, the signs at target now refer to such pillows as "toss" pillows.
apparently throwing is now out of style.
i am always so behind.

also, i attempted to make a mickey mouse crepe on sunday morning...

it was all well and good until his ear fell off.
*cue some kind of cheesy van gogh joke*

do your ears hang low,


his little lady said...

ohh, love garage sailing and mickey mouse crepes! why do ears never want to stay on? ha
xo TJ

Emma Frances said...

Love the picture you posted for garage "sailing". Haha. Hilarious. And I'm super jealous that you got to go to Lauren's garage sale! That dress is awesome! :) You make it look GOOOD! Also, I love your toss pillow! Haha.

Lauren said...

Love your dress, looks like I may need to start checking out garage sales!

Anonymous said...

love the mickey mouse crepe!
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