Wednesday, May 16, 2012

backstreet's back, and so am i.

i have returned to the motherland!

and by that i mean...arizona.
did you know it's like 104 here?
but i don't mind,
the east coast gray drizzle was starting to depress me.

in any case,
i'm all busybee trying to jump back into normal life.

so here's a couple last pics from boston...

i think 7 days is a good length of vacation.
just long enough to forget i had a real life,
but i came back right when i hit my "i want to be in my own bed living my normal life and i don't want to eat out anymore" limit.

do you get this way when you travel?
how long is not long enough or too long or just-right long for you?

i will write soon about specific favorites from the trip,
just in case you are planning on heading that way yourself.

sweet vitamin D it is good to be home,

stay tuned for a review on the app i used to edit all those pics i was posting throughout the week.
i have a bigfatcrush on it.

i take issue with my own blog title, because let's be honest,
backstreet never left.


Erin said...

I want to hear about the app! I've been drooling over the pics!

Myke said...

I feel like I could stay on vacation indefinitely as long as the scenery is changing. The last two long vacations I took (12 and 10 days, respectively) were pretty transitory -- while I was ready to move on from a certain city, I was never ready to go home.

Dating Websites Ireland said...

7 days enough? I think I need more!