Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my review: newsies the musical

and the world will know!
da da da da da da da!

ok kids.
here is my thorough review of a certain broadway show...

so if you're like me, you grew up with newsies in your blood.
you know every word to every song.
you've at least attempted to reenact those killer dance moves.
you've daydreamed at least once about marrying christian bale.
well, i guess that last one depends on your gender.
and your orientation.
moving on...

when i heard that newsies was playing in new york,
and it so happened that i wanted to go to new york this year,
you better believe i planned my trip purposely around it.

in good news...
the singing was amazing.
the dancing was amazing.
the lead actor, jeremy jordan, was amazing.
oh look, there he is now...

getting his autograph was a feat of strength, and involved almost getting eaten by a subway grate and having to be rescued by my friend amy, but the result was...you guessed it...amazing.

in bad news...
new songs?
changed story line?
denton is a woman??
...and pulitzer? he sings??
and jack is an artist??
and why no "high times, hard times"??
and denton is a woman???

i mean...what the hezz, broadway?

as i said when the atrocious karate kid remake came out...
if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it.

i tried to set aside my childhood and be impartial, 
but i just couldn't do it.
neither could this random girl sitting next to me, and we bonded,
and i liked her more every time she muttered profanity under her breath in her strong NYC accent every time something was different from the movie,
and then i liked her most when the actors all came on stage at the end and everyone was cheering and she yelled "CHRISTIAN BALE?!" 
...i have a NYC soulmate-bestie out there somewhere, i do!

so my final review?
newsies was great.
it had amazing elements & a talented cast.
but the changes left a sour taste in my mouth.

so yeah, newsies was great.
but it wasn't mind-blowing.
but i'd still recommend seeing it.
if that even makes sense.
maybe you will be less critical than i am...?
ya know how it is!

also, i think karate kid the musical could be a good idea.
but ONLY if ralph macchio signs on.

carrying the banner through it all,


Kylie said...

That would be highly disappointing. And now I want to watch Newsies.

flutefairy said...

I loved this review, I just saw it ... 3 days ago. I sort of felt the same way about the story line ... except I did actually like the new way they did the love interest, once I got over the fact that denton was a girl. I was kinda disappointed in other aspects too though. However, my favorite part was the dancing! Wasn't it spectacular? So technical. I really enjoyed the dancing, but also spent quite a bit of time wondering why they changed things that didn't need to be changed ... oh well ... I won my tickets in the lottery thing they do, so it was DEFINITELY worth $30!