Friday, January 4, 2013

my 2013 resolutions

a new year means new goals!
(mostly it means accidentally writing the date incorrectly for a couple months until i get the hang of the new year, but that's another issue.)

my 2012 goal: be nicer to myself.
how'd i do? smashingly, actually. i definitely had my days where i'd get down on myself or frustrated with my mistakes or lack of bravery, lazy days, inability to clean my car, etc. but overall, i feel really comfortable with who i am and where i'm at -- messy parts and all.
and it feels really good.


my 2013 goal: trust my gut & follow my heart.
i find that when i have a tough decision that i'm hemming and hawing about, i almost always end up choosing my initial gut feeling in the end. i want to be better at immediately trusting my instincts because i do believe i have a trustworthy internal compass.

here's a few other items from my 2013 goal chart:
  • NUTRITION: Don't eat gluten until my birthday in February (more on the reason soon).
  • EXERCISE: Work out 2x per week (either running or a class at the gym).
  • SERVICE: Keep bags of food/water in my car to give to homeless people.
  • FINANCIAL: Open a shop on my blog (more on that soon too)!
  • WRITING: Start writing my "fiction" mormon romance novel (trust me, i've got stories).
  • SPIRITUAL: Besides church, go somewhere spiritual 1x per week (nature, the temple, etc.)
  • COURAGE: Take one very big risk sometime this year (can't wait to see what this is)!
  • TRAVEL: Go 3 new places outside Arizona (starts with Denver next month)!

i love my goals and can't wait to keep track of them!
and when i have a month where i keep every single monthly/weekly goal, i get a reward. a massage!
what whaaaat!

what's your resolution for 2013?
maybe i will buy myself some gold star stickers


Unknown said...

I love your goals! Especially the one spiritual place thing. Super great idea.
And I can't wait to hear about your shop!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I'm excited about the writing one. Mainly because you are very humorous and I think it will be great!

Monica Christiansen said...

I am adopting that spiritual goal, there. Lets go to nature together, sometime.

Monica Christiansen said...

also... does the current dinosaur exhibit at the Arizona Science Center count as spiritual place? I blasphemous??? Can we balance out a dinosaur trip with a temple going?

katilda said...

I totally count science as spirituality!! I already decided i can count the library.