Saturday, January 5, 2013

oh glasses my glasses ▲

Look, I know I'm a faker. A big fat faker.

And actually looking at the word "faker" just made me think of the word "baker" and then I wanted some kind of delicious pastry but we have to remember how George Michael and my gluten issues feel about delicious pastries these days. But enough about that. (Seriously, don't talk to me about pastries ever again.) So back to the faker issue.

My name is Katie and I don't wear glasses. But, I do.

When a marketing rep from contacted me about reviewing a pair of glasses I had this awkward "you should know I was only faking when I blogged about glasses" moment. But, they still seemed to think it would still be a good idea for me to pick out a pair of frames. A way to adorn my face with big hipstery frames without actually having to buy glasses? Well if you insist.

So, it was time for some online shopping.

I immediately zeroed in on something labeled "vintage revival" and never felt the need to explore another category. Retro inspired frames! What fun! I skipped all the boxes intended for prescription glasses and before you knew it I owned these bad boys:

And then it was time to go public.

We did many things together, my new eyeglasses and I. Let me tell you, there is something thrilling about wearing glasses in public when you do not normally do so. I felt like I had assumed a secret identity. Like Clark Kent. (Which reminds me, do you think I can get spidey powers from using a spiderman bandaid? Yes? Good.)

Also, here's a code for 10% off so go git yer own: Blog10

Another also, here's a neat interactive thing where you can try on glasses for fun. Enjoy!
i'm a four-eyed faker but just try and stop me,

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