Thursday, January 3, 2013

photos from the great white snowy north

i have officially returned from a 4-day frozen sabbatical in the great white snowy north, aka salt lake city, utah.

and it was ever so lovely.
other than feeling a bit like i was in narnia when it was missing aslan. which makes me feel like comparing my friends to beavers and mr. tumnus, depending on the day.

here it all is in picture form...including many many favorite friends, a magical indoor ferris wheel, a rendezvous with some sour jelly bellies because they are my one true love, and that one time i slept in two thick pairs of sweat pants because of that whole missing-aslan-and-the-sun epidemic thing.


what did YOU do to ring in the new year?

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Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

I linked back to you on your les miserables post because I loved it so much :)
Happy New Year!