Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A&A: Stock Photos & Mario

I made this plan last week of posting an Awkward & Awesome post once per week because otherwise my list in both categories gets too long and everything is out of control. Mostly I'm just proud of myself for sticking to what I said I'd do and I wanted to pat myself on the bum for it. You can decide if this paragraph belongs in the awkward or awesome category.

▲ It took me three failed attempts to make that awkward & awesome graphic and spell both words correctly. Awkard and Aweswome, you guys. In other news, I love Microsoft Paint.
▲This list of banned baby names in New Zealand.
▲ This amazing collection of awkward stock photos. Seriously, that backbend...
▲ That moment when the cashier at In 'n Out manages to briefly convince Alicia that they are out of cheeseburgers. #itstheonlythingonthemenu
▲ Every day of my life when my Facebook profile asks me what my relationship status is. Facebook, don't be THAT friend.

▲ I'm going to Disneyland and the Elevate Conference with Elise, Chrissy and Nichelle in two more sleeps! Disneyland, you guys!!
▲I'm officially a member of the BlogHer publishing network! You may have noticed the fancy new ads in my left sidebar. Huzzah!
▲This Mario Bros. mock indie movie trailer basically makes my entire life happy.
▲ Speaking of movie trailers, the Ender's Game trailer is out and you can watch it HERE. (Have you read the book? Are you a sci fi lover like me? No? Read it anyway.) (Does Harrison Ford sound a bit bored in that trailer? We need Morgan Freeman up in here!)
▲ My conscious box giveaway that's still up and running! One of the entry options is to write me a haiku. (Please oh please!)
▲ When you're playing Apples to Apples and you get one of those trump cards that you know will win any round you play it on. (What are they for you? Mine are Sean Connery, Helen Keller and creamed corn. Let's be honest, it's just funny to think about creamed corn being any kind of adjective.)
This video about a man rescuing a kidnapping victim after 10 years. First, for rescuing her. Second, because he's hilarious. "We ate RIBS. We listened to salsa music!" Warning: he uses the word testicles during one of his rants, in case you are opposed to anatomical terms. Other warning: I used the word testicles in this blog post. #sorrynotsorry


Alicia Snow said...

I made the cut! I'm so glad I'm on the awkward list! And that list of baby names... seriously, what's wrong with "Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116"?

Megan Allen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed by Facebook. Every. Single. DAY. Thanks Facebook, for that constant reminder... If I had one, I would have changed it by now!

karajean said...

I watched that video on the news this morning. So awesome. "Dead giveaway. Dead giveaway. DEAD GIVEAWAY!"

Kelsey Bang said...

thats funny about facebook! sorry thats annoying!

Megs said...

I hate to admit this and it may belong more in the awkward category, but Anne Frank is one of my money cards in Apples to Apples!

Elisabeth Gee said...

Hahaha! I seriously LOVE that video!! "I was just eatin' my McDonald's..." hahaha :) So funny!