Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A&A: zombies & my mom's dam sense of humor

To start with one awesome item, check out this adorable little print designed by my bestie. It comes straight from a text she once sent to her fella. Cute, right? (And only 10 smackers!) Check it out here.

I've decided I need to start posting these lists once a week because I had to cut out about half of it today to keep it from getting a billion light years long. (Yes, you can measure blog length in light years. It's science, kids. Surprised you didn't know that.) And now on with it...

▲ The sport of kickball. Everyone looks like an idiot at least once during a game of kickball. It's the great athletic equalizer.
▲ Cake donuts. I mean, it's bread. That's all it is.
▲ I talked in my sleep and told my roommate there was a hippo on the nightlight. The weirdest part is, I don't even own a nightlight.
▲ These questionable and ironic options next to each other in my inbox one morning.
▲ I woke up yesterday morning and discovered that, not only had I slept on top of a book the entire night, but there was a belt wrapped around my ankle. I should probably clean my bed off before crawling into it.
▲ This entire experience:

▲ This ship my pants video. I mean, yes. When did Kmart marketing get so hip?
▲ While lunching at my favorite Thai place yesterday, I caught the owner watching cat videos on her iPad.
▲ The news about the Ender's Game trailer coming out next week. Just GEEKING OUT OVER HERE.
▲ Before my mom took a recent trip northward out of Arizona (and consequently past the Hoover Dam), she hollered at me across a parking lot: "I'll send you a dam text!" And then this happened.
▲ This flowchart explaining all time travel in movies. (Die-hard BTTF fan right here.)
▲ These parents who sent 6 kids to college by age 12. I mean, sheesh.
▲ The movie Super 8. I finally watched it on Sunday and...where have I been? I totally adored it.
▲ And let's end with a solid Backstreet Boys reference, namely this gif that really really made me laugh.


Unknown said...

Ender's Gaaaaaaaame!

Megs said...

I also loved the JT reference that hit facebook:'s%2520gonna%2520be%2520may&h=400&w=300&sz=26&tbnid=sCbq-nEQgHKqvM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=68&zoom=1&usg=__uht3WCUj5utKpT8zfXDUjhoN6Fs=&docid=1glf5jlNsAUBpM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Xu-CUaDGA8TJ0QHL3oC4Dg&sqi=2&ved=0CDsQ9QEwAQ&dur=3