Thursday, May 2, 2013

Giveaway: Conscious Box

There's just something you can't beat about getting a box of treasures in the mail.

And a box of treasures that's all about natural products and ethical companies? I'm totally curious about this. In their own words, Conscious Box is a "monthly subscription service that delivers the purest, most natural products on the planet, right to your doorstep." The categories of all-natural swag on their website range from health and beauty to home and garden to....wait for! #ilovefood

My very own box will be making its way to me in the mail in the very near future, and you can bet your little blog-reading buttons that I'll review it thoroughly and keep you posted. (Word is they offer a gluten-free box, which...SQUEAL...I mean, that's a good kind of thing to get in the mail.)

And now you can win one for free! For free, I said!

Here's the giveaway widget, you know the drill. I'd be tickled to send a Conscious Box your way. (Because seriously, you guys, free stuff in the mail.) There are 7 ways to enter, so have at it. (Please pay special attention to my request for a haiku, however.)

Giveaway closes in 1 week!


Unknown said...

I love that you asked
Us to write you a haiku
To win some sweet stuff.

Are you the coolest?
The interwebs all concur:
Katil' FTW.

(Dang baby had me
Up before the sun today.
I'm a bit loopy.)

chrissyblake said...

Bahahahaha I think Jen nailed it. Im no good a haiku but I love you! (see what I did there, tried to rhyme eh eh) Annywhoodle I cant wait to see you tomorrow!

Kelli said...

Katilda the cute
She requests poetry and
Gives a chance to win


Conscious box looks cool
I'm glad you introduced us
I love food too, girl.

...that's the best I got, haha. I agree that Jen nailed it on the first comment ;)

bunnyswagg said...

This is exciting
A grand prize this will get me
Loving conscious box