Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am blogging from the sky.

As I write this, I am sitting on an airplane.

First, I'd like to tell you that I'm guest posting today over at Love, The Skinnys because Deidre is the nicest and asked me to write a little something-something for her blog. My post is about...what it feels like to fall in love! I'm attached to this piece and had a hard time parting with it for a guest post, so you should probably go check it out. Oh, look, here's an excerpt: "It was simple and sweet and like the rush of an oncoming train all at once..." Keep reading here.

But back to the airplane.

There is a cloud to my right and a sleeping passenger to my left. Plus a kid kicking my seat behind me. There is no good angle for an opportune death glare so I'll just enjoy the turbulent ride.

In the past few days, I have done the following: a) quit my job, b) sold/donated half my belongings, c) parked the rest of my stuff at my parents' house, d) handed over my condo key after 3 years in my little home, e) bought a plane ticket, f) gotten on the plane, g) written this blog on said plane, h) now we're all caught up to the present moment.

You could say it's been quite the week.

I mean, good grief you guys. Where am I at on all this? I think I'm half excited and half terrified. And then there's another half of me that's really hungry. (Where are my plane snacks?)

You may follow my shenanigans on instagram at @katildagrams if you'd like. I'm chasing crazy dreams and stuff. Please stay tuned.


Maggie B. said...

Enjoy the trip! I'm excited to know what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

I just read your post over on Deidre's page. Sheesh. You're amazing. I just fill like you and I could talk for hours and hours. I LOVED that piece.

Anonymous said...

*feel... there we go.

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

new follower from your guest post on Diedre's blog. That was absolutely beautiful! Good luck with your new adventure =)

Elisabeth Gee said...

Ah! The Adventures of Katie! Are you coming to Logan? Cause I feel like we need to have an Elisabeth & Katie adventure story ;)

Kerry said...

these are the things that make us!! adventure! i am so curious as to where you are going haha so curious!!!

Moonboots said...

I have a feeling good things are about to happen for you. Hope the sky ride was over and done without too much stress. I loved the comment about the death glare.

Unknown said...

You go girl! Sending you all the good juju you can get!

Apte said...

Nice. I liked your post. Great presentation style .

I too wrote something but it's just in 5 lines. Have a look here - Hope you will like it.