Tuesday, April 17, 2012

revenge of the houseplants.


you know what some of my favorite things are?

those funny things that happen that you can't think about, even years later, without having to stifle laughter and maybe leave the room to control yourself.

i just thought of one of those instances...

it was about 5 years ago,
and i was in the college library with my bestie,
and she was registering for classes.

well there was this class on"plant breeding biotechnology."
but it was abbreviated on the class schedule and said:


...i'm pretty sure we laughcried for about an hour.

and now i'm all wiggly inside about it again.

do you have stories like this?
i have like a dozen.
but i want to hear yours!

sounds like somebody ticked off the herbology professor,


Katie said...

Bahahahaha. Ahahaha. Oh dear. I can't think of any of those right now but I know I have some. So if I think of them, I'll get back to you.

Myke said...

At my cousin's mission homecoming (are we allowed to call it that?) the closing hymn was "True to the Faith" and at the end of the first verse where it says "No!" rather than sing it, I half yelled/spoke it, causing my family (cousins, mom, siblings, all) to erupt in intermittent giggles that lasted through the closing prayer. It was one of my finest moments.

Katie Lee said...

Haven't you heard?? Don't you watch the news? He's out of the district! For GOOD!

Emily said...

Love this, so much! Especially the all caps part.

I was just reminded of a funny story like this that still makes me blush. Like, I'm blushing right now at my desk at work thinking about it.

While I was engaged, my parents, my future husband and I were all in a car together and my dad was parking. My parents were in the front seat and Jason and I were in the back.

Jason and I were talking to each other about the new succulent plants I had just acquired. I said cheerfully, "What can I say, I'm a succ-addict!" And when I pronounced addict, it was more like "uh dict." I'm not sure this comes across properly on the internet, but say this fast a few times and hopefully you will see why Jason's face was immediately pure shock. We both glanced towards the front of the car and my parents were talking so I'm pretty sure they didn't catch it.