Thursday, April 26, 2012

you say pants, i say elastic waistband

so i have this pair of skinny jeans.

it's actually the miley cyrus brand.
they came into my life via goodwill and 8 dolla bills.

the thing with most skinny pants is,
the legs never seem to be the same size as the hips.

i haven't finished conducting my scientific research and field studies, but i'm pretty sure about the widespread veracity of this egregious error.

...too early for big words.

the point is,
them miley cyrus jeans fit my legs like a dream.
a dream, i say!
they won't button without the use of a lower-abdomen corset.
turns out i don't own such a corset.
or any kind of corset.
i guess they call them spanx these days...?

i remembered hearing from a preggers friend about the genius of attaching your jeans with a hair tie when you outgrow them a bit.

let's just say...
why have the pregos been hoarding this magic secret for their own?

but, you know...
be sure to wear a long shirt that day.

or just go for this option and skip the jeans entirely:


i believe in a thing called stretchy pants,


Katie said...

i'm a tiny bit confused about the legs being the same size as the hips part, but i like that you've conducted some scientific research about this. this makes you far more credible. and you make me laugh. always.

katilda said...

haha i mean "proportionate" to the hips.....i'm not quite sure how to word it....which is why we should stop worrying and just start wearing stretchy pants.

Naomi Martineau said...

forever 21 10 dollar skinny's baby! stretchy and amazing

Elisabeth Gee said...

3 cheers for stretchy pants! :)