Friday, April 6, 2012

a series of uncoordinated events.

let's just take a minute and review my yesterday....

it all began when i spilled water all over my nightstand.
the biggest casualty?
a book that doesn't belong to me.
i felt so bad, i wrote a whole email to the guy i borrowed it from, explaining to him how his book had been a martyr in an unfortunate literary tragedy.

then i ate breakfast at the office,
where i spilled mango juice on the front of my shirt.
i thought, "that'll dry and not be noticeable."

four hours later, i decided to go get some jamba juice.
during the drive, i finally noticed all the crusty orange stains on my shirt.

whilst leaving jamba juice,
an awesome car cut me off and i had to step on the brakes.
cue this incident:

yes, my car got peanut butter moo'd.
i imagine it was marvelous entertainment for all the people who saw me cracking up in the parking lot while i attempted to shovel the pile of goo out of my car.
also, some of it got on my foot.

i went back to the office and looked in the mirror,
at my orange-stained shirt and fuzzy katniss braid,
and stood there on my sticky foot and thought,
"get a hold of yourself, woman!"

also, while i was in the bathroom that afternoon,
i knocked a roll of toilet paper onto the floor and it rolled into the next stall.
there was definitely someone in the next stall.

i had to go straight from work to my nephew's 6th bday party,
and i decided to regain some dignity by stopping to grab a new shirt.
fact: i am obsessive about the material of my t-shirts.
they. must. not. be. made. of. stiff. cotton.
and you know who sells amazingly soft v-necks?
yes, the craft store.
i swear they weave them out of clouds.
[elise if you're reading pants!]

and what colors did they have left in my size?
oh hello neon...

good thing i heart neon!
and bonus, i think it's totally in these days, yo.
now if only tie-dye will make its reappearance, i'll be ultimately cool.

and so i was off to the party!
and this is where my day redeemed itself...

let's just say,
all my wildest dreams came true.

also, when i said "happy birthday" to my tough guy little nephew,
he looked down at the floor all shy like and said,
"oh i just wanted you to be here!"

dizzang somebody build that boy a fence when he gets older!
them females will be flocking.
he should give some pointers to the boys my own age.

also, my car smells like hot peanut butter.

friday, friday, gotta get down on friday,


Katie said...

hahaha i love every single thing about this post. especially the part about your nephew. so precious.

Elisabeth Gee said...

You are so cool. :) p.s. your choice of jamba is excellent. :)

Alexis Kaye said...

hahahha some things to make you feel better. I regularly shut my hair in the car door. It's s wonder I have any left. I can almost never get through a meal without spilling on myself. In fact the other day I went to sit down with my plate of spaghetti...and you know how spaghetti is slippery, well i guess i moved my plate when i sat down because i spilled it all on the floor and my tennis shoes. It looked like i vomited on my shoes. I took i picture and I would show you....but then I DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE TOILET. Just sayin...

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Yea well, ya win some ya lose some.
You won in the end, eh? Haha
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Meredith Sledge said...

Horse?!!?!!? Is that in someone's yard?! Haha. If so, that's AWESOME.