Monday, April 16, 2012

the Titanic coincidence

i had a couple of big firsts on saturday night:
1. i saw my first 3D movie
2. i saw Titanic for the first time

i know i know, i'm like 15 years behind.

see how excited i am! that's my blonde cassie-roommate on the left.
she brought a stash of cadbury minis to the theatre.
we like her.

i wasn't sure if the 3D or the movie was going to be more emotionally distressing for me, to be honest.

the movie was awful and tragic and beautiful and made me want to listen to celine dion on repeat and lie around comatose for a few weeks.
i loved when they talked about living a simple, poor life together and riding a roller coaster at the beach.

i do wish the movie had less nudity, however.
i prefer my cinema without da nudes, thankyouverymuch.

as for the 3D,
it made me feel a little cross-eyed.
perhaps my little retinas aren't built for such things?

ready for the coolest part though?
the Titanic hit the iceberg on april 14, 1912,
and finished sinking on april 15, 1912.

...i started watching the movie at 10pm on april 14, 2012,
and finished it around 1am on april 15, 2012.

are you picking up what i'm putting down??
100 years to the day! to the very minute!

it was the best accidental thing i've ever done in my life.

let's close with some of this:

and my favorite line from the movie:

"but now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson and that he saved every way that a person can  be saved."

time to crank up the celine,


Elisabeth Gee said...

HA! YES!!!! Go Katie for coincidental. :)

Emma Frances said...

That's a pretty sweet coincidence! And I have yet to see Titanic all the way through ever. Maybe someday...haha. But I'm behind just like you! Well I guess you're not so behind anymore!