Friday, April 27, 2012

we came. we saw. we camped.

at long last,
the camping photos have arrived!

three items to note:

on saturday i went exploring in the woods,
and it was one of those times where it starts out as a good idea,
and ends with a drove of thorny bushes robbing me of a layer of skin,
and my sunglasses becoming forever lost...
the point is,
the wilderness took something from me that day.
but i conquered...

at night, as all the ladies crammed in a big tent,
our convo turned to girl chat.
my dear friend was telling a juicy story of a recent date,
and finished with the grand finale:
"and then we made out. and it was great." which point our friend nate busted up laughing,
because apparently he could hear her the entire time.
blast those thin tent walls!

the neon hat is the best thing that ever happened to my head.
pair it with plaid flannel, and this girl's never had a better outfit.

now on to los photographs!

how can i have s'more of nothing,

1 comment:

Katie said...

I love your hat!!! And that story about the girl talk is too funny! It sounds like an amazing trip!