Tuesday, April 3, 2012

downton germs.

have i mentioned my immune system is the pits?
the germs are on the rise!
and they are currently winning!

and thus i find myself in bed today.
i got out of bed once and put my hair in a bun.
i thought about going to get a jamba,
but then i got back in bed.
now i'm lying here looking across the room at my ostrich shirt,
which is hanging on the back of my door.

you have never been so excited to hear about the thrilling details of my life, don't even try and deny it!

in other news,
my loving sister has let me borrow her netflix log-in,
seeing as how i don't own a tellyvision.

and thus i have decided to explore this gem:

...i have heard big things!

am i going to get addicted?
someone should probably warn me.

this might be like that time i graduated from college and didn't have a job for a couple months and proceeded to catch up on five seasons of Lost that i had previously avoided becoming addicted to.

it was a tumultuous couple of months for jack shephard and i.
we had something beautiful, i tell you what!
oh hey there...


what do you do when you are sickly?

if only i could translate my dr. mario skills into battling real germs.
because trust me, this sick day would be toast.
french toast!

on to the abbey,

or going for an ill-fated nightly run.


shirley elizabeth said...

You can get addicted to Downton Abbey, but it's no big deal because each season is pretty short (even though the episodes are nice and long. When you're ready for the second season, it should still be up on PBS.

Emily said...

I've been wanting so badly to watch Downton Abbey! Everyone I talk to adores it. Also, above the comments is the "you might also like" links and it shows me that you recommend A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I loooved that book! So much.

Emma Frances said...

I need to watch Downton Abbey. My mom told me about it way before it was a huge blogger thing but I have yet to watch it. Bad daughter, eh? I hope you feel better soon though!