Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a decisive tuesday.

i have decided...

that this is one of my favorite outfits ever:

[photo via this girl and her instagrammy ways]
[shirt via this lady for a christmas present, best-belt-ever via butter toast boutique, and blue grandma skirt via goodwill]

and that this shall be my wedding ring,
when i find me a huzby to buy me said ring:

and that someday i am going to open a summer camp for children/teens with cancer,
because it combines two of my greatest passions in life:

1. helping sick childrens
2. summer camp

it'll be kinda like this...


...but kinda not, at the same time.

and i have also decided that the phoenix suns must thoroughly stomp on the utah jazz tonight so that they may go to the playoffs and so that i may be a happy clam and so that all my utah friends will stop sassing me on facebook.


it is good to be decisive.

go steve nash go,

stay tuned for pics of my woodsy weekend camping adventure!


Emma Frances said...

That outfit really is amazing! The belt is beautiful and the most perfect yellow ever!! :)

Katie said...

let's do the summer camp thing together!!! seriously.

Andrea D said...

Gasp! That belt is so cute! Woodsy camping is a ton of fun. And opening a summer camp for kids with cancer sounds like a completely generous and great life plan to me :)

Elisabeth Gee said...

You rock, Katie! That one movie is SOOO funny!! :)

Alexis Kaye said...

love the outfit!