Monday, April 30, 2012

that one time i turned a skirt into a dress...

the title pretty much sums it up, kiddos!

i was inspired by this idea.
and thus i went to this beloved place:

and thus i spent $4 on an old lady skirt,
had a little rendezvous with my beloved sewing machine,
and thus...

i'm more than a little bit in love with it.
i also love that it was super easy.
and i feel a bit like fraulein maria, aka the original hipster, in my homemade dress.

i had to tweak the original pattern a bit because i wanted real sleeves rather than flying squirrel sleeves, and my skirt had two layers (a sheer layer and a solid underlayer) to work around.

if you want info on how i did it, grab my email over on the sidebar and send me a request.
i'll draw you a fancy picture with crayons or something.

ok ok here's a bigger view of it, if you insist:

skirtdresses for the win,


Kylie said...

That turned out so cute! Look at you being all crafty :)

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Oh my crap. You're talented. D.I.. oh the smell.

Katie said...

I LOVE IT. Dang you are talented. But I already knew that :)

Elisabeth Gee said...

SOOOOO cute! Dang girl! :) :)

Kim said...


LaurenHoya said...

Amazing work! Beautiful pattern - looks great on you!