Friday, September 14, 2012

how to be a terrible audience member

earlier this week,
i took my papanwa out on the town to see les miserable!
my 4th time seeing it, and still epic as ever.


today's post is brought to you by the following classy patrons:
the three women in Portal 10, Row 5, seats 28, 26 & 24
the couple sitting in front of me
and some inappropriately vocal person in the floor seats

straight from the example of the experts, i give you...
how to be a terrible audience member:

1. whisper through the entire performance
2. whisper increasingly louder as the night goes on
3. laughing during emotional numbers is also a great idea
4. singing along in a silly voice is an even better choice
5. is someone texting you every 20min? go ahead and answer!
6. and be sure to shine your phone around as long as possible
7. ignore the pointed stares and exasperated sighs from your neighbors
8. let out a catcall during the end note of "I Dreamed a Dream"
9. try and always be the last one clapping, because that is totally still funny after 8th grade.
10. cheer loudest for the trashy Thenardier characters at the end, which actually ignites a fair level of humorous irony. 
11. disregard the fact that you're sitting in tiered balcony seating, and be sure to lean wayyy forward for the entire show. 
because i so loved seeing your heads block half of every scene.

*insert every sarcastic facial expression i can muster*

good thing it's nigh unto impossible to ruin such an amazing show,


Jacqueline said...

HAha.. So funny, especially since I am a huge Les Mis fan (99% sure I have the whole musical memorized.) A catcall at the end of I Dreamed a Dream? So rude. (And hilarious too lol.)

Katie said...

Classy, I tell you.

Kerry said...

My friends are in that! and backstage! (I'm guessing you saw the tour so if you didn't..then I retract..ha) This made me smile big!

katilda said...

I did see the tour! Which characters do you know??

karajean said...

People are the worst! Although this gave me a serious itch to go see a show. It's been too long!

Becca said...

How irritating! So rude! Gahh! I get to see Les Mis next week! I am so extremely excited!

Kerry said...

Awesome! I hope you liked it! I know this guy: and the stage manager :) I kind of really want to be in this but that goodness. Makes you work!