Friday, September 28, 2012

why i don't own a television

My name is Katie, and I haven't owned a television in three years. And no, it's not a form of protest, I'm not doing it to make a statement, and I don't think television is the devil incarnate. I think I just..forgot to own one. Mostly, I'm just too busy for television.


So I've never seen a single episode of...
the bachelor, the bachelorette, the bachelor pad,
howmanybachelorshowscantherebe?, grey's anatomy, 
modern family, arrested development, parks and rec, 
community, 30 rock, the big bang theory
{insert modern popular show of choice} I feel like I'm missing out?


Don't get me wrong, I have many treasured memories of childhood TV shows and movies that I still love to quote with my friends and family.

When I do watch TV, I prefer the classics:
boy meets world, saved by the bell, gilligan's island, 
happy days, sabrina the teenage witch, full house, etc.

But as for actually owning a TV...
I honestly never ever miss it.
except for during the olympics but there are ways around that.

...what about you?


the minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost,


Elisabeth Gee said...

Ha! Yes! Gilligan's Island rocks!! :)

flutefairy said...

I *HATE* TV.... someday I hope to not own one as well. Cause, like you said if I really want to watch something there are ways around it and I just don't want to waste my life in front of the TV.

KP said...

call me crazy but....i love the tellie. yes. it's true. lol.
i respect you for not wanting one, though. :)

Mandy Ballard said...

I am not big on tv...there are a lot of reasons to cut it out of your life. It is certainly not a necessity and boy howdy do people waste time watching it. I am glad to hear that you don't have a prejudice against it, but I sure did. HOWEVER, recently, having to sit and recover for weeks at a time, I finally caved and turned on the tv after like, eight years of not watching except for with my husband to relax together in the evenings. (which, by the way, can seriously be a life saver of a brainless activity for a couple raising young children) And anyway, what I've discovered is this - there is a lot of trash out there. And there is a lot of pointless activity going on too. But the writer in me has found myself noticing that there is some really really good writing going into some really really good shows. I used to immediately discount anything on tv essentially because it was on tv, as opposed to being in the form of a book. I don't think I'm alone in that...a lot of the time we consider reading anything to be beneficial and watching anything to be a waste of time. When, really, there are some excellent characters and storylines and amazing artistic expression out there in television land! It has helped inspire my writing and made me realize that my prejudice was unjustified. TV has its downfalls but I am becoming a believer that it's not all bad. :) If you do ever come to own a TV, I can give you some good recommendations on shows to watch that you might appreciate, coming from a similar wariness of this particular form of media haha.

Jacqueline said...

we don't own a tv either, and it's great - though, i feel like it's kind of cheating if i don't admit that we DO own a computer, and a netflix subscription, so i do love a few modern tv shows (you seriously should watch arrested development one day, you are REALLY MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING AMAZING lol) but i do NOT miss commercials.