Sunday, May 26, 2013

Unemployment and My New Story

So, I officially resigned from my job today.

The details of the story are not important for public blog world, but here's the gist: my position was being phased out by July and I made the really, truly difficult decision to go ahead and resign so I could focus my best time and energy on my job hunt. Raw honesty: I've been emotional all weekend about this decision like I just went through a kick-in-the-shins breakup. Woof, I know.

I can say that resigning (I dislike the word quit) feels better than waiting to be let go. First of all, what does the whole “let go” business even mean? “Let go” is something you accidentally do to balloons and kite strings. Unfortunately, one of those metaphors floats away into death-inducing thin atmosphere, and the other one crashes violently into trees and rooftops. So, that's fun.

Conveniently, I'm moving in with my parents this weekend.

Yes. I am 26 years old, my career is about to have a in it, and I’m moving in with my parents this weekend. (I already rambled about a lot of this in this post about humble pie.) Also, yesterday I found a huge jar of change in my closet and I’m seriously considering taking it to one of those machines in a grocery store so I can have cash on hand for if/when I put my entire life in my car or get on a plane and go chase some crazy dreams. I mean, who am I?

This isn’t one of those stories where I’ve already lived the ending.

This is my real life, right now. I haven’t tied up the loose ends and learned to laugh at the embarrassing parts and come to terms with the parts that hurt me, ready to tell you the tidy ending and eye-opening moral of the story. Literally, I am writing this down as it happens.

I really did resign from (...quit...) my job today. And I really am sitting in my plaid pajamas on my bed, with my bangs tickling my eyelashes because of the breeze from the overactive ceiling fan, with only a handful of days left in this upstairs condo bedroom where I've spent the last three years of my life. (I’ve heard that having a nice set of sharp bangs says something about your status as a respectable, grown-up woman. Do you think we can say the same for living off coin jars and moving back in with my parents? Yes? Excellent.) Good thing I'm not afraid to let my life scare me a little.

The point is, if I’m going to live through a highly unpredictable (this is certain) and wildly intriguing (we can hope) life phase, I may as well write it down in the process. I am a writer, after all. An unemployed one at this point, but hooverdamitall, just try and stop me and my words.

So here we are. Day one. Welcome to my unexpected little journey.


Becca Swindlehurst said...

You seriously are so inspiring! I currently am 21, living at home, jobless (which leads to being broke), single, and one of the very few girls not going on a mission right now. I have this feeling that I need to grow up and live on my own, but at the same time need to save what money I do have. Just knowing that there are other people out there that are kind of in a similar situation makes me feel like I'm not so alone.

I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing what this new adventure brings you :)

~Becca @

Kim said...

"Katie woke up with a vengeance that morning..." Go get 'em tiger!!!

Mandy Ballard said...

I am proud of you, sister!

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking the bull by the horns and being candid. I've played the "I don't know what direction my life is going" card multiple times. Each time, it's a new adventure, and something amazing happens (though it's usually in retrospect that I come to see how awesome it truly was!) Good luck!

Moonboots said...

Great post and proves you are a writer. What about a book? Exciting and emotional times. I will be along for the writing ride.

chrissyblake said...

As always, I appreciate your words and know that this time for you will work out for the best. You are one of the brightest women I know and the world is your oyster (thats the saying right?)) anyway, this is simply another page in your journey and at the risk of sounding more cliche than I already have, Everything happens for a reason and better and brighter things are ahead. you are to good for that junk anyway :) love you bunches

Karmin said...

I love your writing and your blog. My life has never taken the direction I was hoping it would career-wise. Just now, at the age of 28, I have a part-time, temporary job that I like but that pays extremely minimally. And, it's ending in 6 months. So's hard, especially when you have such big dreams. You have a lot of talent though...I'm hoping you'll find something sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

You are GORGEOUS! And I'm praying for you and this new journey you are on. And.... I want all of your clothes.

Unknown said...

So my sweet little Katie, I have to point out another fun tidbit. I moved in with my family when I was 26. It was not my favorite thing, but it gave me a chance to save money and focus. Hard work and savings paid off and on my 27th birthday I started my first day at an incredible job, in a new state. Endless opportunities are in front of you! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!